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About Northwest Alliance
     ​Northwest Alliance Statement of Purpose

   The primary goal of the Northwest Alliance is the restoration and protection of the natural habitat of Northwest Creek and the surrounding area. Our priorities are to:
  Press for the best possible science to be brought to bear on the causes of the degradation of the Creek. 
 Push for a carefully planned habitat restoration program. This may include hydrologically effective dredging, phragmites abatement, and eel grass planting, among other interventions. 
 Move for public acquisition of undeveloped parcels in wetland and other sensitive watershed areas. 
 Work for the development of programs of outreach and education to address human behavior that is indicated to adversely affect the Creek. 
 Support legislative and enforcement initiatives that address our concerns for the Creek. 

   The Alliance will work in close partnership with state, county, and town government and with private environmental organizations. We hope to expand our membership to include all those who appreciate what the Creek once was and who are committed to its full and enduring restoration. It is our goal that within five years, the Creek will once again be a haven for wildlife and will reward visitors with its natural beauty and bounty.